100 Thousand Children nude Photos On Facebook Scattered

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Friday, 27/08/2010 16:33 AM

Ayu Febrina Scottiati - detikINET Jakarta - Ian Green, a leader of an international child pornography syndicate finally thrown Into prison setelah ia have been accused of placing more dari 100 000 nude photos of children in the social composition of the T site Facebook.
45 year-old man pleaded guilty otherwise THAT? Subscribe To The making of a series of crimes, possession of pornography and distribution of Fig Child In front of Chichester Crown Court, England.

"THIS is not forgiven for pictures, Son Can. Children have been abused in Figure initials only for the articles satisfy a person's sexual desire," growled HARLES Judge Byers who handle such cases.

According to Byers, the New Articles Green Action No laudable lay users Sharing Picture The ITU has been exploiting children vulgar New Articles How bad fence. In court, Green admitted to having used 11 different accounts for Facebook Son The Picture And Article distribute porn videos.

Not only is off Facebook, Green Layanan also apparently use email to disseminate articles where as many as 724 photos photograph photographs The fence is considered cruel child porn distributed.
The international investigation involving the arrangement of the initials T Australia began when police found a number of account containing obscene The Picture The One To lead owners Facebook account in the UK. Investigators later found the Green as a jobless Can access the online group The Group-store photos videos and child pornography is extreme.

When police raided his home they found a prayer Computer And a number of hard drives and CD-ROM The prosecutor has printed a few photos. As quoted dari Telegraph, Friday (27/6/2010), Collection of photographs and videos of nude children 3 GB Green was found in Computers.

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