2-button Ergonomic USB 800dpi Optical Finger Mouse Discont 78%

Product Description

Uniquely Ergonomic!Designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, this USB finger mouse offers a new way to use your mouse! The finger mouse straps onto your finger for use yet still provides two buttons and a scroll wheel!The finger mouse is perfect for notebook users who prefer a mouse over a touchpad, individuals low on desktop space or even people looking for something different from the norm!The finger mouse offers an 800 dpi optical resolution for accurate control!

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Product Features

  • The USB 2.0 Optical Finger Mouse offers a new way to use your mouse, is perfect for laptop computer user.
  • No mouse pad is required, just slide on any surface. With the movement of just your fingers, you can easily control the cursor.
  • USB interface, Plug-and-Play, no installation needed, all the functions of your regular mouse.
  • Ergonomic and stylish design, reduces wrist strain and tiredness. Adjustable strap for any sized finger, wear on your left/right hand.
  • 2-button design with scroll wheel. Digital encoder technology for precise movements. Textile coating cable, super-lightweight.

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