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Advanced RSS Publisher helps you to: download newsfeeds in RSS and XML format, reformat them according to user-defined HTML templates, upload results to website via shared folder or ftp, work with free newsfeeds and articles available for download and redistribution.

Advanced RSS Publisher can support as many website as you like. Each website update is set as a separate task in the program.
Advanced RSS Publisher is a Windows based program which runs in your system tray. It has a built-in schedule for each task and program automatically updates your website based on this schedule.

A majority of web developers prefer placing RSS feeds with their websites to keep their users updated with the current events in any specific domain. This helps in boosting up the credibility of the website and thereby helps in attracting a considerable traffic to their websites. Updating and publishing RSS feeds manually often engage you for long tiring hours. But, now the task can easily be performed by trying out the competent assistance of Advanced RSS Publisher Personal 3.4.67. It supports downloading newsfeeds in XML and RSS formats, reformatting them according to the specified template, and publishing the resulting feeds to your website. The utility lets you utilize the free articles and newsfeeds that are allowed to be downloaded and redistributed.

Using the Advanced RSS Publisher Personal 3.4.67 you can effortlessly insert RSS feeds in your websites with every website update process set as an individual task. It reduces the hassles as you just have to configure it once and the complete process would be performed as scheduled. While setting the RSS feed publishing task, you can assign every task a specific category like business, sports, technology, entertainment, etc. For creating new RSS feed, you get the wizard with first step to add Title, Description, Link, and assign category. Setting the RSS fields, with the next step you have to add RSS feeds by adding items, filling up the necessary details. In addition, you can also access the advanced options relating feed items. Moving further to the third step, you have to set Output for which you have to mention the local file name, after which you can additional options for describing your RSS feeds. Now, completing the selection process, the application would create the task placing it with the specified category. You can upload manually or it would be done at the set time all by itself.

Advanced RSS Publisher Personal 3.4.67 is capable of performing the complete RSS feeds publishing task automatically at the time specified by you. Owing to its remarkable feature-set that facilitates a smooth functioning in carrying out the RSS feeds collecting and uploading process, the utility has justifiably been rated with 4 points.

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