Update Status on MySpace Can Now Appear on Facebook

Jakarta (Tuesday, 31/08/2010 18:01 AM)   Rachmatunisa - detikinet - Populariteit MySpace presence had eroded since dienste en Facebook to contact. So networking is the latest MySpace wetenskap enemies. New Articles Riens Facebook synchronize their services. 

"This functionality is part of our endless efforts in enabling users to share their updates beyond any site other than MySpace," said the announcement conveyed MySpace Cnet quoted and quoted, Tuesday (08/31/2010).
Yes, MySpace users can now display their status to Facebook. Previously, this social networking site has also been integrated with Twitter mikroblogging. Not only updates the status, MySpace users can also share music, games, videos, photos and other digital content to a friend on Facebook.

"The ability is certainly very attractive to millions of musicians or music artist on MySpace to use it as a supplementary tool for MySpace Music's presence and for sharing their content," explained MySpace. 

Since sidelined by Facebook two years ago, MySpace is working hard to position himself as a social networking platform for musicians and fans. This is indeed one of the inherent characteristic of MySpace since the beginning of its emergence. 

MySpace is said to one executive in July last, triumphant penah site as social networking is popular in the U.S., hoping to put itself as a place of creativity and self expression of young children.  

Interested in trying out a new capability? MySpace users could view the steps on the link myspace.com/guide/sync.

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