18 Free iPhone Apps for Photographers

The camera on the iPhone gets a lot of stick, and it’s true that it was only with the release of the latest iPhone 3GS that the hardware got good enough to even begin to be thought of seriously, but that hasn’t stopped developers creating programs – all available through the App Store on your iPhone or through iTunes – that add fun, flair, features and other photographic fripperies to your phone. Here are the 20 best.

1. ifolio

This iPhone App can be used by photographers to promote their work. The iFolio is a photographer’s database which lets you browse through other photogs works. Potential buyers can also view your photos. Photographers can rank on the Top artist list if his work is chosen as Favorite the most number of times.

2. Joby’s Gorillacam

From the makers of that flexible tripod is the app that gives the iPhone camera zoom power, self-timer, time-lapse and unlimited multi burst.

3. Nikon’s photo

Access Nikon’s photo storage and community of photographer. You don’t have to own a Nikon camera to grab this iPhone apps.

4. HP iPrint Photo

You can now wirelessly print 4×6 photos from iPhone to a HP printer.

5. iRetouch Lite

iRetouch Lite is a powerful and feature-rich iPhone photo editing application. Professional photographers will definitely love this free iPhone App which gives them the power and flexibility of a high-end image processing software.

The free version of this application has all the required basic Touch-Up tools including Clone Stamp, Smudge, Brighten, Hue, Color, Eraser, Pencil, Brush, Stamps with adjustable color, shape, size, opacity, hardness and 19 color blending modes. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

6. photoforge

Very powerful photo editing application that, I think, even exceeds possibilities of Photoshop.com Mobile. Great set of tools, filters and many other options to create image just as you like it.

7. pano

Pano is an amazing application for creating panorama photos from several images (up to 16). Pano developers have worked hard and created algorithm for sticking photos together and creating seamless image so only thing you need to worry is how to find great view.

8. polarize

This is a very popular effect used by iPhotographers – there is something we like very much in these polariod pictures. You can get this app for free!

9. photoble

Remember our post about HDR architecture photography? Using HDR Camera app you will be able to create HDR like photos with your iPhone

10. tiltshift

Photo application dedicated to create tilt-shift-like images form your photos. Using some effects you can add unique view to your taken pictures.

11. lomo-camera

Application for creating LOMO like photos straight from your phone. Comes with many effects like fisheye, redscale film, bluescale film and others.

12. camerabag

CameraBag gives you possibility to add some interesting camera and film filters to your photos and make your picture express more feelings. New York Times wrote: “If you buy just one filter app, make it CameraBag.” and, yes, this app is that great.

13. CROP For Free

crop-pictures-iphone-ipod-library. You have taken a photo and then realized that you want to have less of the surrounding area. Rather than adjusting your focus and taking a second shot, you can quickly crop the photo to your desired dimensions with Crop for Free, a free iPhone Photo cropping application. Crop For Free lets you rotate photos as well. It does not lose image quality even after multiple crops. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

14. Private Pics

Do you want to keep some pictures from not surfacing accidentally when one of your family members or friends borrows your iPhone? You can lock all those private pictures of yours with a safe password using this free iPhone security Application.

Private Pics Free lets you view, save, export pictures and supports swipe/pinch for changing/zooming pictures. It also lets you view a slideshow of your photos and email them without exporting.

A limitation of this free application is that it allows you to lock only 10 pictures at a time, in a single folder. In order to keep your private pics safe, you have to first add those pictures to Private Pics Free, and then delete them from your iPhone’s Photo Library.

Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or higher.

15. EziSnap Zoom

How often have you wanted to take a close-up shot a person or place and zoomed into it with your iPhone Camera only to find later that the taken photo is not up to your expectation? EziSnap Zoom is a free iPhone App, based on the concept of snap zooming, or dividing the camera screen into 3×3 frames to get a well-focused photo composition. Another useful feature of EziSnap Zoom is it’s “Blur-Reduction” mode.

Set your camera in this mode and you will no longer get shaky shots from your iPhone camera. Just press the camera button and EziSnap Zoom will tell your iPhone to wait until your hands along with the device is stable enough to take the picture.

16. NearPics

You are on vacation on a far away land. Maps and tour guides may be of help in finding nearby interesting places, but are not so much fun.

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, then you can see all photos taken in nearby places, so you know what more is awaiting your exploration.

NearPics is a free iPhone App which uses your iPhone’s built-in location service to give you photos of nearby locations

17. Flash

One thing that an iPhone’s camera lacks is a good flash to take pictures in low lights. You can overcome this drawback of your iPhone with Flash for Free, a free application which adds light to your night time photos and makes them more bright.

18. OilCanvas

Ever wished you could make a beautiful oil painting, but lack the skills for it? Well, if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can create a painting pretty much similar to those masterpieces found in museums.

Try OilCanvas, a free iPhone app which quickly turns your photos into oil paintings to share it with your friends and family through PhotoShare, email, blog or popular social networking sites

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