Akankah Penggaris Tetap Ada

penggaris adalah suatu alat ukur atau media untuk membuat garis lurus. penggaris yang kita kenal biasa terbuat dari plastik atau logam dengan skala panjang tertentu. dengan demikian kita akan dibuat repot jika harus membuat garis lurus dengan ukuran yang sangat panjang karena penggaris yang harus kita gunakan harus memiliki panjang sesuai dengan panjang yang akan kita buat, namun seiring waktu dan perkembangan jaman designer produk asal korea bernama giha woo menciptakan penggaris masa depan yang diberi nama "constrained ball" dengan ini kita tidak perlu lagi membawa penggaris lagi untuk membuat garis lurus.

berikut desain gambar produk beliau :

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Flip Phone by Nokia Microsoft

How many “flips” does it take to make your Smartphone super-sexy. The answer? Three flexible AMOLED touchscreens and a keyboard on the reverse! According to latest rumors, Nokia and Microsoft might launch Flip Phone in near future. The hardware will be designed by Nokia while Microsoft will develop the software platform. This phone is supposed to compete both Apple iPhone & Apple iPad.

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outpouring of the heart of a husband

My Baby
become a father is the dream of every couple. This will not be replaced with anything in this world. This is a fragment of my feelings toward the grace that was given to the birth of my baby is very cute and beautiful. but our happiness would be thankful if we all long for perfection that does not fit with what we expect. he replied yes I am very grateful.

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Best Printer Laser 2011

10. Epson Workforce 610

Printing laser quality documents up to 2x faster than leading competitive ink jets1, WorkForce 610 brings you the speed you need to keep your business moving. Get the high performance features you desire to create impressive brochures and client-ready reports. With built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking, WorkForce 610 makes it easy for your entire workgroup to share one machine for all their business needs, whether it's to print, copy, scan or fax.

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