Top 10 Windows Phone 7 Problems Solved

If you own a Windows Phone 7, then probably you are more than happy with it. But, there are some little problems here and there in this OS that make for very annoying nuisances. Today we’ll show you how to solve the 10 most common problems occurring in Windows Phone 7.

No 10. Trouble connecting to Google email

If you use Google as your mail provider, which is actually different from Gmail, you cannot tell your Windows Phone to get your mail from Gmail connection. What you need to do is, gather the server details from Google email and fill them in Settings -> Email & accounts -> Add an account -> Advanced setup. You are all good to go now.

 No 9. Zune using all your memory

If you have upgraded from an earlier version of the Zune PC software, especially on a 64-bit system, use the Zune Media Reset Tool given below to fix memory leaks.
Download Media Collection Reset

 No 8. Can’t get an app to rotate in Windows Phone 7

Well, the thing is, not all the apps rotate, some do while some don’t. It depends how they’re written, so if tilting the phone to make sure it recognizes the rotation doesn’t work, you’ll have to scroll.

No 7. Cannot delete an account

Well, if you used to the press-and-holding thingy for deleting and account in Windows Mobile, then you might be a bit bothered that it doesn’t work in Windows Phone 7. But no worries, you just have to tinker with some settings to make it work again.
Go to Settings -> Email & accounts and press and hold on the accounts you want to delete.

No 6. Windows Phone 7 wireless sync not working

For syncing your Windows Phone 7 with your PC, the devices need to be on the same wireless network and then you have to leave you phone plugged in on mains power for a whole 10 minutes before the sync will actually starts. But what if you can’t set up the sync in the first place? If this is the case, you have to have four Inbound Rules and Six Outbound Rules for Zune Wireless Sync set up in the Windows Firewall and enabled. And don’t forget, restarting your PC can also help if you are still experiencing problems.

No 5. Facebook contact list incomplete

Windows Phone allows you to limit the contacts who sync from Facebook to just the people you have in your address book but if you want the contact details for all your Facebook friends, you need to change the setting back under Settings -> Applications -> People -> Include Facebook friends as contacts and check ‘Show all my Facebook friends’

No 4. Lost your Windows Phone 7

You can use the ‘Find My Phone’ tool on windowsphone.live.com to make your phone ring and find it on a map; additionally you can lock or erase it if it’s really lost. When you still have the phone, you should turn on ‘Save my location periodically for better mapping’ so you can actually see your phone on the map. You should also have phone location switched on before you lose track of your phone.

No 3. Cannot install apps larger than 20MB

Well, you can go around this problem by connecting through Wi-Fi and installing or alternatively, you can install the app through Zune software.

No 2. Cannot save while inside an App

One possible reason could be that you are connected to your PC i.e. your phone is. Disconnect you phone and try saving again. Windows Phone does so to avoid getting out of sync with Zune.

No 1. Can’t connect an unlocked Windows Phone 7

To use a local SIM, if you have unlocked your Windows Phone then you may need to change the APN details to get connected. Plug in settings manually in the following:
Settings -> Mobile network -> Add an APN

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