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TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, useability and feature set
Pinnacle Cart is perhaps the most elaborate shopping cart software we’ve reviewed. Their mile-long feature set is packed with superb options in every essential eCommerce category, including (but not limited to) customer management, inventory tracking and business analytics. Having a feature set as large as the one Pinnacle Cart offers is a definite plus because it gives your store numerous tools for growing and becoming more successful. That being said, the amount of features this shopping cart software has could be intimidating to newer users. While Pinnacle Cart couldn’t be any easier to use, the feature set might make the software seem quite complicated.
With its gigantic feature set loaded with powerful options, Pinnacle Cart is a shoe-in as our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner. This shopping cart software’s feature set might seem daunting, but it has options that can satisfy the needs of pretty much any kind of internet retail store.
Web Design:
This shopping cart software creates URLs for you or lets you create your own URL structure. All URLs can be managed at the page, product or category level. If you’re moving from a different application, Pinnacle Cart will match your new URLs to the old ones. Every page created via the control panel can have a meta keyword, title and description added to it. You can upload a robot.txt file with Pinnacle Cart to control how search engines process your site.
Pinnacle Cart supports the ability to generate meta tags based on product descriptions and upload customized HTML pages to assist in search engine positioning. If you’re good at coding web pages, you’ll love that this service supports the ability to modify HTML or CSS via your internet browser. This shopping cart software automatically generates a site map for your page and an XML sitemap.
With the web design features associated with Pinnacle Cart, you’re able to choose from 30 different button styles, change your site's layout, add your own custom header and footer to your site and create an unlimited number of additional pages. It also allows you to create your own buttons and headers and upload them via the control panel. Pinnacle Cart gives you over 100 box headers to choose from, and you can adjust and add boxes. Additionally, this shopping cart software enables you to create advertising areas as well as upload YouTube videos, flash presentations and other multimedia files. Products from pages outside the cart application can be added to the cart without any problem.
“Design Mode” makes it possible for anyone to create a professional looking store, even if they have never designed a web page before. With the “Catalog View” manager, you can select between a text, thumbnail single, thumbnail double, three-column or two column view. Pinnacle Cart’s templates are compatible with Dreamweaver, and they're W3C/XHTML-compliant. They easily integrate with your existing design and can be edited from the control panel with File Manager. The drag-and-drop layout design feature makes designing with these templates a painless process.
Admin/Inventory Control:
Inventory can be tracked at an inventory or attribute level. With attribute-level tracking, only defined combinations are tracked and sold. This option allows you to be more flexible in the ways you track and sell your products. Pinnacle Cart supports two-way synchronization with desktop order management applications like Webgility and Store Manager. With Pinnacle Cart, you have the option to set “low stock” notifications and control when and how inventory is removed from your website. You have the ability to remove products from your site or show an “out of stock” message when a product's inventory reaches zero.
The opportunities for sales and promotions are plentiful with Pinnacle Cart. Date-driven promotional codes create a sense of urgency, motivating customers to take part in the sale immediately. Global or product-level promotional codes can serve as your sales on a more ongoing basis. Pinnacle Cart even lets you set sale prices for every item in your store. You can also create offers where customers receive free shipping if they spend a certain amount or get one item free after they buy another.
Pinnacle Cart integrates with MailChimp, opening up a world of possibilities for you in terms of email marketing. With MailChimp, you can manage bounced emails and create newsletters to promote your store and particular products. RSS product feeds are also good tools to keep customers up to date. The email list you generate with MailChimp can be exported to other applications as a CSV file.
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