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Audials Tunebite Platinum is an impressive application with a number of functions, including video converting. The comprehensive video converter software has everything you need to convert, compress and copy content without compromises. With all the right file formats, codecs and containers available for both input and output, the video converter is equipped to get the job done. But more than just being capable, the software is flexible, easy to use and provides professional results.
While we’ll focus this review primarily on the video converting capabilities of Audials Tunebite, it should be mentioned that the suite is capable of so much more. More than just converting a file from one format to another (which it does quite well), this valuable application includes all the tools necessary to rip music and video from DVDs, online movies and more. Best of all, it does it all legally by using a re-recording process so you don’t ever break the DRM protection. Audials Tunebite video converter software doesn’t make any compromises in copyright or quality.
Input Files:
Audials Tunebite Platinum can even help you capture content to convert. The software isn’t just a great converter, it’s also a universal recorder. You can copy movies from DVDs, YouTube or any websites that stream movies. It doesn’t matter what the source is or what file format it’s played in, you can capture it. Audials lists over 85 websites and services you can get quality content from, with step-by-step instructions for each one. You can even use the software to capture otherwise unobtainable RTMP-E protected movies.
Audials re-records videos at the network level as it’s streamed on your computer (unless it’s RTMP-E protected, and then it uses a built-in screen recorder). The video converter software essentially takes photos of each shot and then puts it all together. But you don’t have to worry about HD media losing quality, the audio and video not syncing, or even your PC not being able to handle the intense process. The technology behind Tunebite works, works well, and works without you having to control (or even monitor) it.
The video converter software pretty much takes care of everything for you, recognizing the source, optimizing as needed and producing professional results. Tunebite takes care of everything automatically, including drawing the perfect video capture frame, syncing the video and audio, or cutting the film up into chunks that your processor can handle. In fact, the software compares the copy to the original and can even repeat the process as needed until the quality is perfect.
And because the video converter software is technically re-recording the movie, it’s completely legal as long as you own the content or have the right to access it, and you’re not sharing it with others. So making a backup copy of a DVD movie you own (or an online movie you have the right to access) for playback on your cell phone is legal, whereas copying a movie you rented – while possible – is illegal (especially if you plan on making a copy for your friend too). The re-recording process doesn’t break the DRM protection to make a backup copy, so it’s perfectly legal.
Output Files:
Audials Tunebite 8 Platinum is able to convert to all the major file formats that you need for quality playback on popular devices, including PCs, portable media players, cell phones, iPods, video game consoles (home and portable) and more. With so many different devices and proprietary file formats, it’s nice to have a problem-solving solution like Tunebite.
Still, it is worth mentioning that the video converter software doesn’t cover all your bases. While the output file formats available are the most common (WMV, AVI, Xvid, 3GP, MP4), they aren’t an exhaustive list. In fact, comparatively the list is pretty weak. If converting video to and from obscure file formats is what you need, this converter falls short.
The frame rate can also be customized to balance file size with optimum playback. You can adjust the fps (frames per second) from anywhere between 6 and 60 fps.
If you have a lot of files that need to be converted then you can take advantage of the batch convert mode. While the target output format has to be the same across the batch, the input files can be different file types.
The software also includes the ability to convert audio files, but you can also extract audio from movie files to make your own soundtrack.
Ease of Use:
More demanding users can access the advanced controls and tweak settings as needed. If you have an uncommon file conversion need or simply want to tweak the output options, you can. You can adjust the frame rate, sample rate, video dimensions and more.
Overall, Audials Tunebite has professional results but is completely manageable. It’s video converter software that is comprehensive – but also comprehendible.
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